Understanding the Art Market from an Investor’s Point of View

The pandemic has caused a great impact on people from all walks of life. Many outdoor and large-scale activities were cancelled while online events became the norm during this time. Podcasts became especially popular in Taiwan’s market. Even though podcasts have existed for more than several years, they didn’t become popular until recently. One of the reasons is that more and more content creators are devoted to recording podcasts, which attracts more listeners to subscribe and follow. There are podcasts of many different topics, most of which talk about investment, lifestyle, and knowledge sharing. But very few would analyze the art market from an investor’s point of view!

Art.Market Shows You How to Analyze the Art Market!

The art market, for most people, is an unfamiliar circle that is far from their daily life. Even if people are interested in the art market, they don’t know where to start since they’re not in the circle. Art.Market shows listeners how to interpret various information of the art market with the most intelligible perspectives from a market point of view.

With Art.Market, even those who are new to the art industry will be able to understand the art market at ease. The host of the podcast is Yu-Chen Huang. This channel mainly provides listeners with the latest trends via analyzing an investment in artwork, art market, and art news. It hopes its listeners can avoid the risks when stepping into the world of art investment!

Unique Perspectives from Art.Market

The preference for art, just like that for food and music, is pretty subjective. Then what should people do if they want to learn about this industry objectively? Art.Market knows that even with data analysis from a market point of view, it provides only a “relatively objective” interpretation. But, compared to profound artistic quality or complicated historical interpretation, the actual figures of trades and states of delivery provide “relatively reliable” information. It is highly challenging to be completely objective. After all, people are at any point subjective.

The Multifaceted Content of Art.Market

Art.Market produces a huge variety of content, including introductions to individual artists, recent issues, and the latest information on the art market. Art.Market offers a comprehensive introduction of the artwork marketplace to its listeners.

The Most Expensive Artist in Japan: Nara Yoshitomo

In one of the episodes, Art.Market introduced an artist, Nara Yoshitomo, to its listeners, including his journey growing up and how he learned art. Besides his background, Art.Market also analyzed the core aspects of his artworks, including the meaning of children presented in his artworks. This episode also mentioned how he became acquainted with Tomio Koyama, a legendary gallery manager, and his artist journey which was completely different from Takashi Murakami’s.

In the later part of the episode, Yu-Chen talked about the artworks of Nara Yoshitomo. The most and the third most expensive artwork in Japan is created by Nara. Just like many other artists, Nara releases his own figures as well. When it comes to merchandise, there are also forgeries in the market; therefore, Yu-Chen reminded his listeners of this problem.

For more information, listen to the 21st episode of Art.Market: How could Nara Yoshitomo become the Most Expensive Artist of Japan?

Trace Back to the Source: Evidentiary Documents of Artworks

When Art.Market talked about the collection records, it mentioned that Robert Tsao, a notable Taiwanese art collector, shared his three principles of antique collection: authenticity, delicateness, and scarcity. Moreover, Art.Market shared that authorities on porcelain would definitely inquire about the record of collection when they appraise or purchase artwork. If an artwork comes out of nowhere and barely has a record of collection, even the most experienced collector can’t ensure the authenticity of the work. The counterfeiting skills are so advanced today that records of the collection have become absolutely important.

For more information, listen to the 44th episode of Art.Market: The Importance of Certificate of Origin and Record of Collection of a Work

Apart from the above-mentioned content, Yu-Chen also added interviews in recent episodes. The first guest he invited was his ex-employer, Patrick. Patrick was the key figure who brought Yu-Chen to the world of the art market. In the podcast, Patrick shared many of his experiences, including motivation to his career in the industry, the changes in the Taiwanese art market, and his opinions on the marketplace for works of art.

For more information, listen to the 54th episode of Art. Market: He’s the One Who Pushed Me Down the Rabbit Hole ft. Patrick Lee, a Low-Key Collector (Exclusive Interview)

Check out Art.Market for the Latest Analysis of the Art Market

Besides podcasts, Art.Market regularly posts on social media to offer the latest information on the art market. If you are new to the world of the art market and would like to keep abreast of the latest news of art festivals, follow Art.Market. Yu-Chen and Art.Market will help you explore and learn about the art market for investment!


Art.Market is an independent art review channel that interprets various information of the art market with the most intelligible perspectives. If you’re even a little bit interested in investment in art, press the follow button!



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