A Warm Childhood Beverage on a Stylish Journey:Jin-Man-Tang

(Image/ Taiwan Food Fair in Singapore Department Store ) source: Naked Kitchen
(Image/ Taiwan Food Fair in Singapore Department Store)

Jin-Man-Tang starts with childhood memories of sugar. The founder, Aunt Jin Man, started out as a mother running a small stall to support her family. She began by selling candied hawthorns, thus forming a deep connection with 'sugar'.

Jin-Man-Tang was established in 1995 in Jiufen. Due to the region's damp and cold climate, the owner recalled her childhood memories of her mother brewing ginger tea, and decided to start a business with brown sugar. Choosing the store's name was quite a challenge, but after brainstorming at the dining table, they decided to draw inspiration from their surroundings and family history. They combined Jiufen's gold mines and the grandfather's name, Jin Shi, which means 'gold stones', to create 'Jin-Man-Tang,' a name symbolizing wealth and prosperity, to begin the journey.

(圖/創立於九份老街的金滿堂) 來源:金滿堂
(Image/ Jin-Man-Tang, established in 1995, in Jiufen.) source: Jin-Man-Tang
Internationalization and Rebranding

In 2013, Jin-Man-Tang's product, cute.cube brown sugar bricks, began serving as a tourism ambassador, reaching Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, and South Korea. This marked the beginning of Jin-Man-Tang's international journey, with its ginger tea gaining popularity abroad and then returning to fame in Taiwan.

2020 was a significant year for Jin-Man-Tang. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, store sales plummeted. At Jiufen, the place which once attracted up to 5 million visitors annually, the bustling old street became empty. The pandemic forced Jin-Man-Tang to consider its next steps.

"The worst feeling in life is to feel stuck, and not knowing whether we should persevere or give up." This situation has prompted the brand to take a leap of faith towards changes. Holding on to the idea of making each cup a warm beverage for their beloved family, they upgraded and developed new products. After a huge rebranding and repositioning, Jin-Man-Tang 2.0 was launched into the market, aiming to offer more and better choices of beverage.

(Image/ cute.cube brown sugar bricks, which have gained high popularity internationally) source: Jin-Man-Tang
Heartwarming Brown Sugar Bricks: A New Beverage Choice

Jin-Man-Tang, a Taiwanese brand specializing in heartwarming beverages, brings the most stylish brown sugar bricks to city ladies. This is to offer women a caffeine-free beverage apart from coffee and tea, particularly helping them during times such as menstruation and pregnancy when beverage choices are limited.

Jin-Man-Tang has been in Jiufen for 28 years, developing a huge variety of products for different customer groups. From the original product, Brown Sugar Ginger Red Date Longan Tea, to now having beverages that even children love, such as Brown Sugar Ginger Milk, and Ginger Cinnamon Moon Milk which is specifically designed for women's menstrual periods, and also the smallest brown sugar bricks on the market. Jin-Man-Tang insists on not adding preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavors, or saccharin, and all products have successfully passed three international tests.

The brown sugar used by Jin-Man-Tang comes from the highest quality MIT brown sugar produced by Taiwan Sugar and Baoshan, with a unique aroma different from imported brown sugar from other countries. The ginger used is the high-mountain bamboo ginger variety from the pollution-free mountainous areas of Taitung, which contains a high concentration of gingerol, effectively enhancing the natural benefits of ginger.

(Image/ Heartwarming Brown Sugar Bricks: A New Beverage Choice) source: Jin-Man-Tang
International High Standard Testing: Commitment to Safe Consumption

Jin-Man-Tang’s commitment and insistence on not using preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavors, or saccharin ensure that all heartwarming beverages are produced in high-standard food factories. In addition to ISO and HACCP certifications, Jin-Man-Tang products have been tested by the British INTERTEK and have passed SGS pesticide residue tests, ensuring that no pesticide residues are detected. These high-standard tests are to ensure the health and safety of every consumer.

A Taiwanese brand specializing in heartwarming beverages.


Heartwarming Brown Sugar Bricks No additives, drink daily, our commitment; Jin-Man-Tang by your side, all the time.



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