A Beekeeping Legacy of Over 50 Years:Worthbee Honey

(Image/ Taiwan Food Fair in Singapore Department Store ) source: Naked Kitchen
(Image/ Taiwan Food Fair in Singapore Department Store)

Worthbee Honey started in 1970, founded by an elderly man living in Lunbei, Yunlin, Taiwan. It is now managed by the third generation. While managing the apiary, it was discovered that bees are highly sensitive to their ecological environment.

Different regions, latitudes, landscapes, and soil moisture levels all contributes to the aromas and characteristics of the nectar. Therefore, Worthbee Honey is dedicated to finding the cleanest and most natural nectar sources, treating these little elves gently to provide the purest delicacies.

(用自然培育方式溫柔對待蜜蜂,提供最原始純粹的自然美味) 來源:Worthbee Honey
(Image/ Following our Natural Beekeeping practices, Worthbee Honey is dedicated to providing the purest delicacies.) source: Worthbee Honey
Sincerity Is Rare, But You Will Find A Lot Here at Worthbee

Treating everyone with sincerity is the brand’s commitment. Every single drop of our clear, pure honey is the rich crystallization of over 50 years of diligent care for the bees. We strictly follows Natural Beekeeping practices, devoted to promoting ecological breeding method of "no disturbance, no sugar feeding, and extended harvest cycles."

No Disturbance: Bees are treated gently during breeding, raised in open-systems with minimal disturbance to protect the colonies and allow them to gather nectar in a comfortable environment.
No Sugar Feeding: According to a report from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, 70% of commercial honey comes from sugar feeding. This means feeding bees sugar rather than letting them gather real flower nectar. Although sugar feeding is a low-cost way to mix with real nectar, it results in inferior nutritional content and faint aroma compared to true honey.
Extended Harvest Cycles: We harvest honey over a longer period than other beekeepers, allowing honey to remain in the hives longer. As a result, the enzymes and amino acids in our honey are much higher than those of other brands.

(Image/ Every single drop of our clear, pure honey is the rich crystallization of over 50 years of diligent care for the bees.) source: Worthbee Honey
Commitment to Craftsmanship and Extraordinary Quality Control

Worthbee Honey treats every customer with sincerity, and offers five guarantees: 100% pure honey, pesticide- and antibiotic-free, compliance with national Grade A honey standards, and certificate of origin.

100% Pure Honey: Every single drop of honey is tested by third-party organizations like SGS and the FDA. Our honey contains no added plant sugars, with zero detections proving its purity.
Pesticide and Antibiotic-Free: We select only high-quality, absolutely non-toxic, pesticide-free natural breeding grounds. Through "Natural Beekeeping" methods, we ensure every drop of honey comes from carefully nurtured colonies.
National Grade A Honey Standard: According to the Taiwanese Ministry of Health and Welfare’s standards, C-4 plant sugars must be lesser than 7. Worthbee Honey always passes the tests with zero C-4 content, far exceeding purity and quality required by national standards.
Certificate of Origin: Our top-quality honey is 100% produced and sold directly from our own farm. It is the fruit of our daily endeavors. We invite you to indulge in the pure, original taste of nature.

(Image/ Every single drop of honey has passed the tests by third-party organizations.) source: Worthbee Honey
Creating Sustainable and Pure Honey: Every Drop Is a Testament to Our Dedication

Worthbee Honey not only strictly controls the quality of our honey, we also cares deeply about the environment. Our gift packaging materials and boxes comply with ESG standards, as we hope to do our part for the environment. This dedication to both environmental care and honey quality has led to long-term collaborations with many pineapple cake shops and dessert stores.
For example, our honey is the designated ingredient for honey cocktails at Taiwan’s first Tiffany & Co. Café, "The Tiffany Blue Box Café," the designated honey for the award-winning Taiwanese milk tea brand Half Sugar Less Ice, and the specified honey for the champion pineapple cake from Xiao Pan Pineapple Cake.

(Image/ Worthbee Honey's commitment to their honey has earned them the trust of many other brands.) source: Worthbee Honey
擠擠蜜(Honey) 340g / NT$390

Sourced from my beekeeper father's natural, pollution-free apiary, our honey is the premium longan tree honey with 100% purity from Chiang Mai, rich and aromatic with a strong aftertaste, delivering the most classic flavor. The yellow bee-shaped cap allows for easy, mess-free dispensing. Our honey has passed SGS pure honey inspection, it is free from pesticide residues and antibiotics, and contains zero C-4 plant sugars.

(Image/ 擠擠蜜(Honey)) source: Worthbee Honey
Worthbee Honey
A Beekeeping Legacy of Over 50 Years


In the bustling city, Worthbee Honey provides natural products from the farm to busy city dwellers, offering them a sweet moment of relief with nature amidst the cityscape.



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A Beekeeping Legacy of Over 50 Years:Worthbee Honey

In the bustling city, Worthbee Honey provides natural products from the farm to busy city dwellers, offering them a sweet moment of relief with nature amidst the cityscape.


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